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Membership is £15 per year and new members are welcome. Please contact one of the committee or come to a meeting at 7.45pm on the last Wednesday of the month in the Music Room, 36 Newland Street, (entrance in Queen Street) Eynsham, OX29 4LA. Applicaton Form  

I first produced a work of art at the age of five that was exhibited in my school. At senior school I achieved Grade 1  ‘O’ level art.  Work, marriage and children took over until just five years’ ago I inherited some art materials and restarted my love of drawing. With patience and many hours’ practice, and primarily through the Arts Group, I have sold paintings and cards, amazed that other people like my work. I prefer watercolour for its complexity, often using ink, line and wash, which suits my love of buildings, especially now that I live in Oxfordshire and near the Cotswolds with its profusion of mellow butter-coloured stonework.

Jenny Bowden.

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Since graduating from DeMontfort University in 2010 I have continued to study new techniques in texture, applying them to my eclectic body of work.  These techniques include printing onto silk before painting over with oils, pastels and acrylics and also applying polymer resin as a glaze and binder for collage work.  Much of my work is based on the subject of climate change, producing images that will engage the viewer and emphasize the possible outcomes of ignoring the problem.

Diana Homer

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I took up sketching in the 1980s, on holiday. The results were of course varied, but one or two I liked, and all of them held my memory of that particular scene in quite a different way than a snapshot . I have collected some of the sketches in the 'sketchbook’ section of my website Moving to Brixton with a new job as a journalist on London Disability News, I thought I would join an art class. Again I found that ink was my best medium. Naturally I joined the art class and the Eynsham Arts Group when I moved to Eynsham. With the progression of my MS, my work - in acrylics and ink, has necessarily become more abstract, but no less enjoyable. Some people have even bought my paintings. A great compliment.

Nick Lewis

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I am a professional artist based in Eynsham, Oxfordshire and my work is collected both locally and internationally.

I look for the spirit of place within my work. This exploration starts with drawings and photographs. The resulting complex narrative is developed into a series of oil paintings. This collection is often exhibited in a installation giving a personal account of a particular place using both real and imagined stories. Since 2000 I have worked as a freelance artist, graphic designer and illustrator.

Lorna Marrison

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I am originally from Northumberland I moved to Oxfordshire in 1999. I trained as an Industrial Designer and began drawing and painting when the design industry became more computerised and I moved into Design and Project Management. I work in all the standard media, watercolour, acrylic and oils. I have exhibited in Oxford and was twice a prize winner at the Stockport Art Society in the 1990s.  I have travelled extensively always taking sketching tools and watercolours, which, with photographs provide material for winter nights of painting. A keen gardener my allotment provides ingredients for my other hobby, cooking, and inspiration for some of my still life paintings.

Alan Learney

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I am a local artist specialising in landscape and plant studies, working in a variety of different media including oil, acrylic, ink and watercolour, with both brush and palette knife. I have a passion for colour, intensifying what I see to add vibrancy and atmosphere. Commissions taken.

Julie Sailing-Free

I have been painting since I was in my teens and went on to attend the Oxford School of Art. There have been numerous gaps in my painting activity over the years, but I have now returned to my roots with a quiet determination to make up for a lot of lost time and a lot of pictures that never got painted.

I paint places that I have been and things that I have seen, images that linger in my mind and try in my own way, through the use of paint, to recreate some of the magic.

Gordon Whiting

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I have been painting all my life.  I am drawn to watercolour for its immediacy and clarity of colour.  In recent years I feel I have been able to explore this more through the Experimental Drawing Workshops – Observation to Abstraction – given by Ella Clocksin and have exhibited twice  with this group in Oxford (2011-Phoenix Picture House; 2012-Lady Margaret Hall).  I also followed courses at Sunningwell School of Art for several years.    I aim to capture  and convey something of the energy in nature.

Christine M Dowling

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I have no formal art training beyond A level GCE. I trained as a cartographer, but later moved to graphic design, and worked in that discipline for forty years, largely as a book designer. Some of my graphic work can be viewed on my website www.nicholasrousgraphics.com.

My favourite subjects are landscapes and architectural details, but there has to be something in each one that grabs my interest and triggers an emotional response. It could be some spectacular scenery or climatic conditions, or it could be something more quirky such as weathered stone work or old furniture that has caught my imagination. Contrasts, particularly between sunlight and shade, feature in a number of my paintings.

II work entirely from photographs I have taken, and always paint in gouache. I appreciate its versatility, as it can be applied in multiple washes, like watercolour, or used opaquely.

Nick Rous

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I started painting a few years ago because my husband encouraged me and I had some spare time.  My background is in printing so this is an interesting journey.

Verity Hughes

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After obtaining a degree in graphics in the early 70’s, focusing on illustration and print making, I worked as an archaeological illustrator for 24 years and later, a graphic designer for 5 years, for the MOD. I now have time to learn to paint for my own pleasure. I now spend time, mainly in Cyprus, looking at how man has created lines in the landscape – cutting tracks and roads, making terraces and walking paths. The challenge is one of understanding how to apply the paint to the canvas and to interpret the changes in the landscape.

Paul Hughes

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I trained and worked as an actress and wrote about show business and the arts professionally while my children were young. I began to paint in 1988 while on a writing commission at Champneys in Hertfordshire. Subsequently I fitted in a term at Richmond College of Art, an oil painting course at West Dean College and another at Damiatte near Albi in France, while continuing to work as a writer and broadcaster. I have had several solo exhibitions, one was in aid of the Jacqueline de Pre Music Building, another was at the County Museum in Woodstock. I have exhibited during several Oxford Art Weeks.

Sarah Caisley-West

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