Work should be handed in between 10:00 and 11.30 on ‘Handing-in days and must be removed as soon as possible after the exhibition has closed on the last day. Please remember that pictures need to be labelled with:

1. Artist’s name, Title of the picture, Medium used and the Price.  The label should be stuck on the back of the frame, protruding from the left hand side of the back of the picture as illustrated.

Please make sure your stuck-on label can be easily removed by the team for the purpose of collecting for the listing.

2. Additional information to a maximum of 50 words may be added for inclusion in the listing and any catalogue, as shown. (This is optional).

3. No printed or written text to be adhered to the artwork for exhibitions. Up to 50 descriptive words may be included on the label for the purpose of inclusion in the listing/catalogue.

(However, if written text of more than 50 words is deemed by the artist to be pertinent to their artwork, then artists may consider if the written text can be reasonably and aesthetically contained within their framed picture or artists may consider laminating their written/printed text, making reference to the available text on the artwork’s label.  If there is room, the laminated texts will be displayed on the centre table).

4. All pictures submitted for hanging must have eyelets/D-rings and cord/string on the backs. Please do not make the string too slack. Any picture wire used should be safe to handle with all loose ends being securely bound by tape and no risk of cuts being inflicted.

5. Hooks, D-rings and Cord should be positioned within the top third of the painting as shown, to facilitate hanging.

6. Media that need to be covered with glass should be properly framed with adequate hangings.

7. The hanging fee is £4 per picture. Each member may submit up to three pictures and as long as there is enough space and pictures are correctly framed and labelled, all pictures submitted will be hung. The Group takes 10% commission on any paintings sold at the exhibition.

8. In the event that we are over-subscribed at the ‘Hand-in’, the Exhibition Organisers will decide upon inclusion or exclusion.

9. Mounted pictures or prints can go in the cradle/browser at the artist’s own risk. They should be displayed individually and be adequately protected ie cellophane slips, no glazed pictures. There is no fee for displaying paintings in the cradles and the only limit on the number each member can display is space.

10. All Greetings Cards and other items must be clearly marked with Artist’s Name and Price - this is to ensure the correct information can be recorded for accounting purposes.

11.  A 10% commission is also taken by the Arts Group on all cards and items from the cradles/browsers. Please keep your own record of all work you submit for the cradles/browsers and card displays.

12. Please note that EAG Insurance covers Public Liability only and not Members’ Artwork.

Thank you for your co-operation in adhering to the guidelines, which help provide a safe and professional exhibition for the Public and all our Group Members.

EAG Exhibition Organisers

Guidelines for Submitting Artwork for Exhibitions

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Eynsham Arts Group

Opening Times May Exhibition

Saturday 19 May   10.00 am to 4pm

Sunday 20 May     10.00 am to 4pm

Thursday 23 May  10.00 am to 4pm

Friday 24 May      10.00 am to 4pm

Saturday 25 May  10.00 am to 4pm

Sunday 26 May     10.00 am to 4pm

Monday 27 May    10.00 am to 4pm